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FELL Marine xBAND - Pink

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FELL Marine xBAND - Pink
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xBAND - Pink

Let everyone who uses the boat have their personal kill switch. MOB+ xHUB has a memory for up to 20 MOB Units, this makes it possible for everyone in the family to use their own color xBAND when driving. No more hassle with finding that one cord for your boat. Select your favorite way of using the MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch.

Just reel in!
The corded kill switch is rarely used as it ties you to a very limited space onboard. With MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch you regain freedom – without losing safety.

The xFOB is your personal safety guard at sea. Being placed in the accompanying silicone xBAND the xFOB does not inhibit any movement or motion. Should you fall into the water the engine(s) will stop in just one second.

Universal Fit Design
The xFOB fits perfectly inside the wristband. This unique design allows you to decide how you want to use the MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch.

We recognize that all boaters use their boats differently. For us this was a focal point in our design process of the product. You should choose your own boating environment. With this in mind we created the xFOB to be universal across all our accessories for the MOB+ system.

With the MOB+ xBAND you get a highly marine durable silicon wristband. This enables you to use the xFOB at your wrist, always on – never intrusive. You choose your personal way of being free on board – choose your style.

Manufacturer : FELL Marine
Manufacturer Part No : 72.380.305
UPC : 850022007446

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FELL Marine xBAND - Pink

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