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Etic Clear Wobblers - Size #1

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Etic Clear Wobblers - Size #1

Made of high quality steel components to ensure lure lasts a long time.
Realistic image of a prey fish to entice strike even at slow retrieve speeds.
Spoon is design to spin to mimic the swimming action of a wounded baitfish.
Extremely versatile in a variety of different situations from casting far in a lake to going against the current in river.
This lure is heavy enough to be cast a great distance for rivers or can be trolled at a good speed in lakes.

3-1/8” length x 1-1/2” width, weighing about 1/3 oz

Most effective trolled slowly and a perennial trout favorite, followed by a 12 to 24 inch leader and baited hook or fly.


One per package.

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