ebay-TFO Glimmer Minnow Spinnerbait Assorted 5 Pack Bundle

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$14.49 for 5 TFO Glimmer Minnow Spinnerbaits 

Designed by Gary Loomis to be the Ultimate Spinnerbait. Was originally available in 9 custom colors and a realistic synthetic fiber skirt the Glimmer Minnow features an advanced weighted head which allows the lure to quickly and naturally drop into the strike zone. A stainless-steel wire and high quality gold or silver-plated blades, with ball bearing swivels, ensure the Glimmer Minnow will swim consistently true with each retrieve. Set on a chemically sharpened Japanese hook, the Glimmer Minnow is sure to attract even the most cautious predators.


  • Realistic Synthetic Fiber Skirts
  • Stainless Steel Wire
  • High Quality Gold or Silver Plated Blades
  • Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Chemically Sharpened Japanese Hooks
Colors Available:
1/4oz. - Sapphire Gray
1/4oz. - White Crappie
1/4oz. - Chartreuse White
1/4oz. - Chartreuse Shad
1/4oz. - Olive Gray
1/4oz. - Pearl White
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