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Dreamweaver TripZ Divers

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  • Dreamweaver TripZ Divers
  • Dreamweaver TripZ Divers
  • Dreamweaver TripZ Divers
  • Dreamweaver TripZ Divers
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Dreamweaver TripZ Diver

Catch salmon, trout, or walleye down deep with the DreamWeaver TripZ Diver, a classic trolling aid that puts your lure right in the strike zone. No need for a downrigger or added weight; the Tripz Diver is calibrated to dive to a preset level, taking your lure with it. Simply rig it inline ahead of your lure, typically a spoon, dodger/fly combination, or shallow-diving minnowbait; as the name implies, the diver automatically trips and planes upward upon the strike, allowing you to fight the fish to the boat without resistance. Gives you an easy, precise way to cover the water column for suspended fish; floats at rest.



Patented Adjustable Trip Release
Buoyant Diver
Internal Rattles
Adjustable Diving Angle



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