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Dagger - Phantom Lures

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  • Dagger - Phantom Lures
  • Dagger - Phantom Lures
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Dagger - Phantom Lures

Individually hand painted factory-tuned and tank-tested, the floating Dagger is the shallow or moving water appetizer with tight, erratic side-to-side wobble and a wide, wandering tailkick finish that kills. Multiple ball bearings move freely inside, adding weight for increased casting range, then creates a loud rattle to ring that dinner bell. Designed as a jerk/twitchbait, it's deadly as a trolled offering or even twitched around cover for you topwater addicts.

Model           Body Length             Running Depth             Weight  

DG-7              3.25" (9cm)                  2-4'                          7g (1/4oz)

DG-9             4.25" (11cm)                 3-5'                        12g (1/2oz)

DG-11             5" (13cm)                   4-6'                         15g (1/2oz)

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