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Chamberlain Downrigger Stacker 101 Release

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 The Chamberlain Downrigger Release from Northern Strike features easy to use vertical and horizontal adjustments for precision settings no matter what species you're fishing for.   Tension is adjustable from 0 to 4.5 lbs. and the use of magnetics on the horizontal adjustment assures a fluid and accurate release. The precision design of this Chamberlain downrigger release minimizes false releases and is small fish friendly. The stacker feature allows placement at any position on the downrigger cable.

This downrigger stacker release has the same patented two adjustment design as the original release, with the added convenience of the ability to attach to your downrigger cable. It has an internal locking cam to hold it in place, and will automatically unlock from the cable when the release contacts the downrigger pulley.

This downrigger stacker release comes with very easy to understand instructions.

Product Features

Easy to use vertical and horizontal tension adjustments
Adjustable from zero to 4.5 pounds tension
Minimizes false releases
Small fish friendly
Easy to use
Stacker feature allows placement at any point on the downrigger cable

Customer Reviews

5 reviews

  • The absolute best stacker that I’ve ever used!!! A fishing buddy uses them and while fishing for Kokanee he taught me how to use them and I sold all the Scottie and Cannon stuff I had and never looked back!!!

  • I have used my new Chamberlain releases several times and love them. They allow me to set the fish release at a very light bite while also allowing me to set the rod loading to a much stiffer setting. This is a game changer. Thank you for allowing me to get away from the squeeze release clips on my Cannon downriggers that I absolutely loathed.

  • I've tried most if not all stackers on the markert. The Chamberlain is by far the best. Cannon requires a take off the downrigger wire each time you raise your weight. Shuttle cock you're really not sure if the debth of your stacked lure, and the little plastic stacker control frequently gets caught in the boom wheel. The Chamberlain is problem free leaving much more time for fishing. :)

  • Works perfectly as stated. Best stacker I've ever used.

  • Chamberlain's are awesome!! Without a doubt the most trustworthy releases I have ever used, and that's why I have 6 of them

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