Black's Downrigger Release Clip with Snap RC-95

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This release clip is made with the 'Ring & Snap' attaching bar for the ease and convenience of the angler to simply snap the clip in place on a downrigger.

Adapts for use in 'Slider & Stacking' situations on the downrigger. Made of highly durable, flexible plastic and stainless steel.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews

  • I first used these on a friends boat. I was amazed at the ease of use and how sensitive it can be set for release. Used different types of releases and this is rated one of the best hands down. I have 4 downriggers and each has its own Blacks release. Cost is very reasonably priced compared to types.

  • I've used a lot of different releases with my downriggers , I really like these because I can load my rods with a very good bend and they hold it. I don't have to reload my releases as often. Thanks for a great product.

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