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BioEdge Potions - Liquid Fish Attractants

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Any lure can be made to work better and catch more fish by adding a BioEdge scent!

Many years of scientific research went into the development of the latest liquid fish attractant from BioEdge, continuing the process of improving the scent. BioEdge is not a chemical based stimulant but the very essence of real bait that fish have evolved the ability to detect in parts per billion!

BioEdge scents help to increase catches by increasing fish strikes and hook-ups particularly when the fishing is otherwise slow.

BioEdge fish attracting scents contain oils, amino acids, enzymes and pheromones all found in the bait from which they are extracted. BioEdge smells and tastes like actual bait because it is!

Very strong concentrate of oils, pheromones and amino acids made from the real bait. Perfect to marinate or apply directly onto bait or absorbent fishing lures.

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