Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ - Bouncing Bucktail - White

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The most advanced bottom & jigging bucktail on the market!! The Bouncing Bucktail™ is not your average bucktail, in the slightest. Use it as it is, right out of the package, or rig it up with your favorite soft plastic trailers!

LURE Weight Hook Size
Bouncing Bucktail 21g ¾ oz (21g) #4/0
Bouncing Bucktail 28g 1 oz (28g) #4/0
Bouncing Bucktail 42g 1 ½ oz (42g) #6/0
Bouncing Bucktail 56g 2 oz (56g) #6/0


1. Line tie at the center of gravity, giving you a horizontal presentation
2. Sidewings create spiraling or erratic direction on the fall
3. Bellyribs create turbulences for increased attraction
4. Metal sleeve protects the thread wraps
5. PS Inverse Bend Hook, for a stronger hold on the fish
6. Glides away or spirals on the fall
7. Sidewings hold the bucktail jig upright


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