ACR FBRS 2742 Battery Replacement Service

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EPIRB/PLB Battery Replacement Service


2742 GlobalFix™ Cat 1, Class 1


1098.1 5-Year Battery, Parts, Labor, and Test Verification Report

ACR EPIRB batteries should be replaced every 5 years to ensure proper functioning when needed. Turnaround time for EPIRB services averages three days from receipt when all components are in stock.

Battery replacement service includes a full physical integrity check, pressure test, data transmission test, wet-sense test, weight test, replacement of cap seal and o-rings, installation of the new battery, and disposal of the old battery.

When shipping your EPIRB for battery replacement, please gently remove the antenna by unscrewing at the base and rubber band or tape it to the body of the EPIRB. The antenna will be weighed and examined as part of the battery service, so please be sure to include it.

Manufacturer : ACR Electronics
Manufacturer Part No : 2742.91
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