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A Band of Anglers

A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Flying Pencill 6 1/3" White Ghost

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Flying Pencill White Ghost
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A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Flying Pencill 6 1/3" White Ghost
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A Patrick Sebile design, the Flying Pencill has a common body shape but uncommon castability and action. The side wings enhance aerodynamics and give the lure lift once it's in the water. Low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence. That means the Flying Pencill casts farther and moves more enticingly than any other bait of its kind. It comes in Floating, Sinking and Super Long Distance models. These lures are extremely versatile and easy to master. Simply by changing the model and retrieve speed or cadence, you can have the Flying Pencill popping, spitting, walking the dog, skipping along the surface or swimming underneath, making this lure versatile and indispensable. FL and SK models come with 4X treble hooks; the SLD model comes with 6X treble hooks - enough to match all kinds of fights!!

What each model does best:

-          Floating (FL): walking the dog action on calm waters

-          Sinking (SK): achieve long distance in normal conditions (2 times the FL model distance!!); skipping/spitting action

-          Super Long Distance (SLD): Achieve super long distance even in windy conditions. Offer good control in turbulent waters, and a swimbait action on medium speed steady retrieve. Can be jigged in deeper waters.



ABS body & 350lb wire-through construction



You can't catch fish you can't reach!! The Flying Series dramatically increases casting distance without sacrificing action or fish-catching ability. Each model features design elements such as side wings, low air friction ribs or others that allow it to seemingly "fly" far away through the air, even under windy conditions. Catch the fish others can't reach – thanks to the Flying Series lures from Ocean Born!!

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A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Flying Pencill 6 1/3" White Ghost
$21.99 - $27.99