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40up 86GTL trigger GRN loaded Tip-Up

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  • 40up 86GTL trigger GRN loaded Tip-Up
  • 40up 86GTL trigger GRN loaded Tip-Up


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The most-asked-for tip-up in ice country. The Senior (in GREEN), ruggedly constructed ice tilt with seven-star-quality features, yet priced competitively.

  • 40" total height above the ice, ideal for deep snow cover 
  • metal clamp holding spring to wood, to insure against pulling out
  • hardwood sticks to insure fittings stay attached 
  • half-moon metal trigger flag release 
  • full 8" grease filled tube to eliminate water freeze
  • fluorescent flag for maximum visibility
  • 2 1/2" metal spool fully rigged with 150 feet of 36 lb. braided nylon ice line


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